Will You Civil Union Me?

I have never been one to want to get married or have kids, but in finding the woman I want to be with (she makes me happy as a lark) I have found that I am just doing a complete 360. I am pregnant with our first child and I am ready to get hitched. I want to do all of the things that I despised so much in my life. I know it is has a lot to do with the person you’re with, but even when I was little I didn’t want to be the mama or the wife.

Everyone always said, “Just wait till you’re older” blah blah blah. I would still say yeah right. But I guess they were right. UGH! Of course, I will only admit that here under a pin name and never let them know that they were right all along.

So now, the deal is I want to marry my baby mama 🙂 I want to be her wife and I want her to be mine, officially. I know the things we can do are limited, but I would like to plan something as close to official as I can, of course on a budget.

If you are married to your partner, how did you do it? Do you have any paper work accompanying the marriage? Did you travel to get it done or decide to stay local?  Tell me the juicy details of the proposal and the actual marriage!

All opinions and questions welcome!

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