Pulling the Ol’ Switcharoo.

The other day a co-worker of mine was telling me about an upcoming trip to Chicago with a good friend of hers. I told her that was great and she felt compelled to tell me that the friend “used” to be a lesbian but now she’s not. She then wanted to know if she should be worried if the girl would hit on her and try to convert her or if she should feel worried about taking this trip with her. WOW!

Not only was I interested in why the friend “used” to be a lesbian and wasn’t anymore. I asked all the questions, how long had she been calling herself a lesbian? Is she with a man now? How long has she not been into women? Does she still classify as lesbian or does she use bisexual or straight? Was the “lesbian” timeline just in college? Does she talk about her old life?

My co-worker told me that her friend claimed it was experimental and used to classify as bisexual but goes by straight now. I told her that she was never a lesbian, but maybe just wanting to try out the other side of the fence. I also told my co-worker that I was sure she would be safe. I don’t believe that she will convert back to lesbianism for the weekend that they are in Chicago.

What are your thoughts? Is it normal for lesbians to switch back to men and women whenever they want and still be called a lesbian? Is that okay? To me, it’s not, but that is my opinion.

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  1. No thats not ok and
    No they shouldnt consider themselves lesbian.
    Lesbian women,true lesbian women
    fight so hard againsnt the misconception
    that deep down “All women want men”.
    We are lesbians for a reason in that we dont want men.
    I hate when I run into the str8 girls that tired it
    on a drunken night or because the bf asked or whatever the reason.
    And feel like we are one in the same..ugh
    Ive been women only my whole life,You my friend are a phoney.Love the site and the column in TheWord:)

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