What makes the perfect girl?

When I was listening to the radio this morning they were talking about a survey that had all the best features from

I thought this would be appropriate because who is more perfect than Barbie?

different actors that would make the perfect woman. I instantly thought of “Weird Science,” not only did they create a smokin’ hot girl, it just made me think of what a dream girl actually is. Or what makes the perfect girl.

“Weird Science” (1985) Quote:

Garry: That’s not a bad idea.
Wyatt: What?
Garry: Making a girl. Actually making a girl. Like Frankenstein… except cuter.
Wyatt: [stands up] You’re serious?
[Gary grabs Wyatt by the collar and pulls him towards him]
Garry: Look me in the eye. Do I look serious?
Wyatt: Gary Wallace, that’s-that’s gross! That’s sick! I am not digging up dead girls!
[Gary puts his hand over Wyatt’s mouth and sits him down on the bed]
Garry: No, I’m not talking about digging up dead girls, Wyatt. I’m talking about your system, idiot, your computer!

The program I was listening to said things like, the lips of Scarlett Johansson, the eyes of Megan Fox, the jaw line of Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian’s hair, and so many other things. I bet the people who voted have partners who have none of those qualities, so who decides what the perfect girl looks like and how are we, as a public, so smitten with these women and have girlfriends who look different? Are all these qualities necessary for the perfect woman? If so, do some people sell themselves short by settling on the partners they have? What would make the perfect girl for you?

My dream girl is my wifey, she is beautiful and pretty amazing. I couldn’t ask for more!

All opinions and questions welcome!

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