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The art of writing a love letter is almost gone with the wind. It  is hard to imagine that our kids won’t be familiar with hand-written notes to friends or boyfriends and girlfriends. Since almost all lines of communication are focused on the cell phone, iPad’s, email and social media it just isn’t necessary for people to write a letter.

Well I still enjoy writing, in my journal, to the baby, to my girl. I wrote my sister a long heart-felt letter after she had her baby so she could keep it and have it forever to read and re-read if she wanted to. I like letters. When I was young I would just die for a letter (Ha Ha). I think today I would still be excited to get a note. They are so much more emotional and real. I like pens and paper. I just enjoy the whole concept of the letter, especially the love letter. Since the demise of the love letter, I think people have forgotten how to write them. So, I am here to refresh your memory:

Step One:

Think about what you want to say. If you are really feeling the love, start taking notes or mental notes on how you want to relay that message to your lover.

Step Two:

Start writing. Make sure you are directing the letter to her, for her and by YOU. Be original, creative, sexy, personal and write what you feel. Try to make the letter solely about loving her not an apology letter (that is a whole other post). Add pictures if you want to, but even spraying her favorite “You” smell on the paper before you write will suffice.

Step Three:

After writing the letter, think of a unique way to deliver it to her. Attach it to a flower, put it on her pillow so she reads it before she goes to bed, smack a stamp on it and send it to her, or run her a bath and have the letter on top of her towel.

You can’t really write a love letter the wrong way, if you feel it then write it. It is romantic all day everyday! Have fun!


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  1. My mom brought me a bag of papers from my old room, and as I went through I found so many letters from pen pals (what we had in the old days before the internet) and postcards and greeting cards. Now, 95% of my communication with anyone is electronic, and pulling out an old email to re-read it is not quite the same. Not to mention the danger, as I learned the hard way, of something happening to irreplaceable emails, like all the ones I had from my dad before he died getting wiped because I didn’t realize my new email program automatically “synced” with my webmail and deleted everything on my hard drive because I had deleted it online.

    The other thing about letters is that they take more effort to create than dashing off an email, so whether you’re expressing love for your partner or a family member or simply sending a note of thanks, a handwritten and mailed letter or note will mean a lot to the recipient.

    ICLW #104

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