Day in the life of a lesbian

I don’t know about you but my life is pretty boring compared to “The L Word” or for that matter any other lesbian television show or movie. Actually the only thing that I have in common with those shows is that I am lesbian. But what makes each lesbians’ life unique, besides the obvious, if you are coupled do you wish you were single? If you are single do you wish you were partnered? Do you wish your life was different?

If you could spend a day in the life of another lesbian would you do it? Tell me what makes your life worth living? How is your life better than those girls on the lesbian shows? Do you have a great partner? Do you have a blast living the single life? Do you have a beautiful home or a great job? What is it that makes you a unique lesbian? What makes your days so great?


  1. I think that I’m not unique as a lesbian, necessarily. I’m fairly regular: I go to work, I date but am not (yet) partnered, I have a dog, friends, family, etc. However, I think that none of us look/live like the TV dykes. No one would want to watch the show if they could see how we really are!

All opinions and questions welcome!

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