Can I Test Drive Your Vulva?

Have you ever had sex in a car? Was it uncomfortable or awkward? Was it planned or spur of the moment? Having sex in different places can help keep that special spark alive, but when is it unacceptable? When or how do you draw the line with your partner to tell her, “No I won’t have sex there.” Could you tell your girlfriend no?

Do you think it’s safe to have sex in a car? Or other places for that matter? What makes you want to have sex in random places? Is having sex in those places the only time you feel excited having sex with your partner?

Share your thoughts!

1 Comment

  1. Having sex in unusual places can be fun and exceptionally stimulating, especially when there is a sense of danger involved. My two main experiences were in a restaurant toilet in Strasbourg with a woman I didn’t know, and in a car park near to a very well visited market. Both times it was a real turn on to be doing something that one ‘simply does not do!’

    Where wouldn’t I have sex? I don’t know. With the right woman – my girlfriend would be the right woman of course – and the right moment, any where, I guess.


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