I’ve Made My Decision!

I have made my decision, I am going to keep this blog what it was before my girlfriend and I got pregnant. That means, minimal (if any) baby talk! I like the way the theme of this blog is going, and I will have posts about lesbian motherhood and what not, but I will not speak of my pregnancy and turn this blog into something it’s not.

Motherhood is not for everyone and reading about it is not for everyone. I understand this and will not force the subject or our excitement onto any of my fantastic readers. So, Pink in the Crib is not an option and we will keep it strictly Pink In The Sheets!

However, that is not to say that I won’t start another blog that does follow my thoughts and experiences during this period of my life and who knows maybe I can get the wifey to write some stuff in that blog too!


  1. I don’t know, I think it would be pretty interesting to hear about the whole experience from a lesbian perspective to re-emphasize the normality of two people in love with each other and wanting to share that love with a child – I’d definitely read it!

      1. I was the one that carried, and my gf did not show similar symptoms HA! I don’t think it’s uncommon for partners to show the same symptoms though, I have heard stories about it happening.

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