You’re so sexy: The art of keeping your girlfriend feeling HOT.

Sometimes telling your girlfriend she is sexy just isn’t enough, but making her feel sexy will keep the both of you in a happy place. And the steps to doing it are fairly easy and just takes a little bit of time. Once you start however, it will be a cinch to keep going; making your girlfriend feel like a queen. Making her feel special is something that should be done anyway, since you are with her which makes her special…doesn’t it?

Some tips on making your woman feel sexy and attractive is one of the easiest ways to show your girl how much you care for her. In return the things that she will do for you won’t seem like a chore or something she has to do, but it will help her to treat you better. So, in a nutshell this is a win-win situation.

First, telling your girlfriend how special and attractive she is to you is important, this will open the doors of communication and get the ball rolling. Write her a note or make her a card that shares just how special she is to you. This is a sweet gesture that will make her heart melt. Next, touching her will show her how awesome she is to you, this will show her that you can’t keep your hands off of her in return making her feel irresistible. If you are able, buy her sexy gifts like lingerie or a special gift the both of you can share together. Doing little things like massages and bubble baths are also a great way to show your woman that you think she is super sexy. Even having a movie night set up or picking up some slack at home can show your woman that you love her and think she is beautiful.

It’s easy and should be something that isn’t compromised while you are with somebody. It will keep the flame going and hot!

All opinions and questions welcome!

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