Smash and Dash

Some lesbians make it a point to get with a girl and get the goods, then disappear. Are you one of those girls? Or has that happened to you? Are there signs that a chick gives off that lets you know that they are going to be hitting it and quitting it?

For the most part one-night stands are a consensual decision, but there are the times when one woman is expecting a little more than a shake down. They are expecting a call the next day or another date. There are times when a girl doesn’t realize she is being used, and that is the worst. Yes the sex is still consensual, but the after sex is not.

As, for the girls who do the using, they don’t give it a second thought, they get what they want and that is it. As long as they are please and satisfied with themselves that is all that matters. As bad as that sucks, for the most part, we can’t live with those girls and we can’t live without them. Usually, the girls who use actually give you one hell of a ride and keep you wanting more and then cut out. Then they are off to find their next victim. Another unfortunate fact is that they are irresistible and can get almost any girl they want to and they know that.

Here is what you do to avoid this situation:

  • Don’t put out on the first date no matter how bad you want to.
  • Get a phone number, and don’t give yours out, or at least don’t give yours out first.
  • Converse.
  • Get a date.
  • Be a perfect mix of a woman, don’t be too easy, and don’t be a prude.
  • Never take the girl to your house or anywhere that has a bed, because that means that “it” will happen,
  • Stay social, don’t go to house parties, or private affairs.
  • Try to keep excessive alcohol use out of the equations.

These are not tried and true methods of avoiding the one hitter quitter, but it is a start and it will help. Of course, all decisions are your own and if you want to have sex on the first night, then you should have the thought in the back of your mind that she may never call you again, no matter what type of ride you gave her.

Stay safe,

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