Crap or get off the pot!

Do you use the restroom with the door open? Do you let your girl stay in the restroom when your taking care of business? Is this a sign of openness in the relationship or is it just weird? Do you think that some things are better left unknown? Would you want to be in the restroom with your girl when she is going? Do you care if your girl is in the bathroom when you’re in there?

Some people just can’t stand to be away from their partner’s not even for a second and feel that they should invite them into every facet of their lives. This is just crazy talk. There is no reason why you can’t be away for your partner for ten minutes. Some things are better left private and I believe using the restroom is one of them.

On the other hand, some partner’s want to be in the restroom when their significant other is using the restroom. They just feel that everything should be shared, even that. What is the deal? Does anyone else feel that this is crazy?

Let me know your thoughts,

Mz. Pink

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