Lipstick in NYC, One After My Own Heart!

Here’s another one my little pinkies! Yes, another great blog that I came across. She is a lipstick lesbian in NYC, how fabulous! Her name is Lipstick and she is a woman after my own heart!

About Me

Just your average everyday lesbian trying to find her place in this world. I’m a NYC housewife, a mom, a glamour girl and a kinkster all wrapped into one. I’m a lipstick lesbian married my soulmate (a sexy stud), and we’ve been together for six years. I started this blog on December 29, 2008, it’s a compilation of several blogs that I’ve had over time (including “Girl Tears” on blogger). Join me on this journey of love, lust, sex and happiness.

To visit Lipstick in NYC, click here.

Mz. Pink


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