Last Name Dilemma

If you are thinking of getting married who will take whose last name? If you are already married, how did you figure out which last name to use? Did you hyphenate your last name? Did you make it a point to take your wife’s last name? How would you decide? What about kids, how would you decide what last name to give a child that you had together? What is in the last name, really? Is it a huge deal to take your girl’s last name or her to take yours? Have you ever been in a last name dilemma?

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi have taken that extra step, and the news is Portia is taking Ellen’s last name. It could be because she is the bigger star and more well-known. Or it could be because Ellen is the more masculine in the relationship. Or it could even be because Portia believes that by taking Ellen’s last name that it will show her that she is serious about their marriage and taking that next step.

I believe that sharing a last name during a marriage is a huge deal, it does show respect and love and that things are actual. When I get married to my partner, I do want some form of her last name incorporated in my name. I would like to have my last name hyphenated as well as hers. Not only would this incorporate both of us into the marriage and each other lives, but I think it would be romantic.

What are your thoughts on last name changing?

If you are interested in reading more about Ellen and Portia click here!

Mz. Pink

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