Drag King-licious

I have been thinking lately about great Drag King names. Since drag is such a creative form, it is only suiting that the performers have fantastic names to encompass all of their talent. Performing drag is almost like a magical act, it is a form of gender illusion, not everyone can do it, or at least do it well. I have never tried it, but I am open to the idea. Compiled is a list that I came up with of Drag King names, please add yours if you feel like it!

  • Moe’ Vag
  • Justin Beaver
  • Johnson Long
  • Dick Cox
  • Harry Cox
  • Larry the Cable-Box Guy
  • Axel RimRose
  • Richard Harry
  • Peter Rico
  • Rod Linden
  • Suave Muffin
  • Harry ClamBake
  • Slong McPierce
  • Justin Side
  • Rod Stroke
  • Chesty NoMore
  • Diamond Hole


If you have ever thought about becoming a performer here is a link to A Guide to Drag Kinging.

I will add to the list when I can, have a great weekend!

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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