“This One’s For God and the Gays.”

For those of you who watched the MTV Awards, or any Lady Gaga special since, then you know that Lady Gaga said

The Gay Girls Guide Cartoons

 this while accepting her Moon Man. Well not only is this a great way to accept an award it is super funny, but it also made me think about our community and religion. I know this is a touchy subject, but we can share with each other right?!

Are you a religious person? Do you have any thoughts about your sexuality and your religion? Do you think it is right to believe in a certain religion and all it stands for except the views on homosexuality? Is there a happy medium you’ve found that lets you love your beliefs and still be lesbian? Is your family religious? Do they accept you for who you are? Do they say things to you in regards to their beliefs because of the way you live?

I think believing in something is awesome, not only do you feel a sense of purpose, but you feel whole. Having something to fall back on in times of need, and having it work for you, is very magical. Regardless of what you believe or practice, believing in something is…something! It does help up stay focused and helps us accept others and love wholly. Believing, can give us hope and strength. But what happens when those beliefs go against everything you are? How do you handle that? Can you love your beliefs but not practice or believe everything thing that goes along with it? Can you pick and choose what you want to believe out of a certain practice or religion?

Ah, here is a good one, can you be with someone who doesn’t have the same belief system as you? How would you make it work? Do you think there would be issues surrounding the separate beliefs?

Just a few things to think about,

Mz. Pink

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