Face Punches…In The Face

Why are some lesbians so angry and mean? I don’t understand why some of us feel we have to be this way towards other lesbians or people in general. It seems almost contradictory to me that a lesbian woman can’t be nice to another lesbian woman, but then claim bias or “hating” when someone does it to them. I am one of those people who smile at other people just as a form of being polite, and do you know that 90% of the people I smile at do not smile back! Why? The people I smile at aren’t necessarily gay or lesbian, but the point is people feel that have to be mean and hateful.

Let’s magnify the meanness from a regular walk on the street to about 25 times more in a lesbian bar. Sometimes you can’t even make eye contact with people, they are so mean and on edge and ready to fight. I can’t even imagine why. I guess maybe if that person is having a bad day then they will be in a foul mood, but stay at home with your girl and make things better. Don’t go out to the club with the intentions of fighting, it ruins everybody’s time including your own. The bar or club is one thing, out on the street is another, sometimes it is just ridiculous. If it’s not one lesbian getting pissed off at you for no reason its their girlfriends. Girls are jealous,we know this, but jeez not everyone wants your girl…so be nice, and then if you find out later that the nice person did have ulterior motives then kick her butt.

Have you ever encountered a mean lesbian? What happened? How did it pan out? Did she want to fight you? Or did you want to fight her?

Remember ladies, Gay=Happy!

Mz. Pink


  1. Absolutely!
    I am a gay woman who came out in the 80’s and its been FAR from great. I would say that all the women that I encountered were on the mean side. I’ll give some examples taken from my actual life experiance.
    I used to be in AA and my sponsor was also a gay woman. Her name Caitlin nice gal. The only woman who was any kind of nice & supportive who talked to me like a human being.
    Went to a meeting together & she introduces me to her girlfriend Tracy & Tracy gave me the dirtiest stare like she wanted to beat me up. Her face was void of any smile.
    One year at a womans bar I’m at the pool table about to play & a woman trys to pick a fight with me.
    Then the worst is just getting ignored when you try to talk to
    a lesbian.

  2. Being a gay woman is hell.
    I’ve been bullied by other gay women
    I’ve been disrespected by other gay women.
    One of the things I don’t like is if a woman
    has a girlfriend? Then the woman could care less
    about anyone else. Its the truth.
    And the womens bar scene? Oh No! I wouldn’t set foot in one. If a woman walks in alone w/o a date/girlfriend or friends she then is treated like a pariah.
    If you try talking with a woman that is dangerous as well because then you don’t know if she is with a girlfriend which is really asking for trouble if your caught….FIGHT.
    Lesbians love to fight.
    Agression is priority number one with the DYKES.

  3. I don’t know why. Ive been looking for a girlfriend for a while. I’m bi which alone would probably make most lesbians angry right off the bat. But all the ones I’ve been meeting all look like men and are always pissed off looking.I wanted someone how looks like a man I would date a MAN, if I wanted someone with a nasty attitude I would be with my ex….

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