Stuff Queer People Need to Know (Great Site)!

This site is pretty awesome, it was started by Jamie Royce, a girl after my own heart. Since she has started it, the

How can you not love a girl who has this on her blog?!

site, the traffic and everything has skyrocketed. She seems very passionate about what she does, and it is always good to have a guide to what us queer people should know, the more we are in the loop, the more we can make informed decisions and have educated conversations on what is going on in our community.

About Jamie Royce

Stuff Queer* People Need To Know is a blog for all people in the queer community, L, G, B, T or otherwise. Topics covered include upcoming events, news stories, local queer community coverage, queers in pop culture, queer celebrities, commentary on the queer community and other issues with a Cincinnati, state of Ohio, Midwest, national and international focus.

As for your author, I am Jamie Royce. I am the freethinker of freethinkers. I love outrageous dresses, adoring anything covered in sequins, rhinestones, lace, glitter and feathers. I embody all things feminine and wouldn’t change a thing about by power femme existence. I live by one creed: What would RuPaul do?

Recently, I graduated cum laude from University of Cincinnati with a B.A. in journalism and women’s studies. While at UC, I was the editor of award-wining opinion section of The News Record and an active member of GenderBloc, a radical queer organization at UC, in charge of the GenderF*ck drag show and The Queer Canon zine.

To read more Stuff Queer People Need to Know, click here.

Mz. Pink


All opinions and questions welcome!

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