Don’t talk about my girlfriend that way.

Have you ever dealt with a girlfriend who had terrible self-esteem? Did she come off as being confident and ultimately flip the script on you? Did you say something joking around and she flip out?

The one instance that I can think of, right off the bat, is the episode of Jersey Shore, when Ronnie told Sammie that she had Flintstone feet and she freaked, started crying and went off on Ronnie who was clearly joking. To me watching that was funny, but there is nothing funny about it when it happens to you. Things could be great one minute and the next, after you say your girl has nappy hair or hairy legs or something random, just joking, and she starts crying and cussing you out. This situation is not fun, or is it funny!

The thing is, if this starts to happen, it gets more and more frequent. It starts with little things and then progresses into all the time little things, and then the comments like, “You always talk crap about me,” “You don’t love me,” and “I’m ugly,” start happening. The one thing I can tell you to do, is to either suggest counselling, but this is touchy and dangerous territory, or maybe go to counselling with her because you want the most healthy relationship possible with her (tell her that, because it will be true but more for her benefit), or leave her because she is driving you nuts.

With this type of situation it is hard to advise you what to do, if you tell her she should go talk to someone automatically you are calling her crazy, if you don’t you just deal with it, and if you break it off then you have the chance of getting stalked by her or her going into a frenzy because she wasn’t good enough. I know that is a lot my little pinkies, but you will get through it!

Mz. Pink


All opinions and questions welcome!

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