Chasin’ the chub!

Is there such a role as a “Chubby Chaser?” Does this title exist in the lesbian community? Is this type of attraction personal choice and random or does it happen because people’s personal taste just so happens to be bigger girls? Do you have a fetish with chubby girls? Is that all you have dated? What makes you attracted to thicker girls? And if you like thicker girls is there a weight limit to what you like or does it not matter as long as they are bigger?

This is a funny topic, but my girl told me I was a chubby chaser and it really made me laugh. But it made me think that maybe I do like thicker girls, and although I am not extremely skinny I do like my girls bigger than me (most of the time). My girl now, is bigger than I am and it makes me feel protected, well that and the fact that she is tough!  I am not sure if I chase chubbies but I love my girl and I would love her at any size. I don’t believe it is a fetish to be with someone thicker, I just so happen to be with the girl of my dreams and she is bigger than I am.

But what makes this a requirement for girls who are looking for a partner? Would you ever tell a skinny girl, “Yeah you’re all right, but I want a thicker girl, you’re too boney for me.” I am not sure the procedure. I have never told someone they weren’t a certain body build that I liked, it was just if you were cute and had a good personality then I would talk to you.

I am also not sure how lesbian “clubs” work. Like for gay men they have the bear club and other things like that, do lesbians have those clubs? What are they called? This is just an interesting topic.

Mz. Pink

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