Don’t put your balls there!

Have you and your partner discussed having a baby? Do you know if you want to use a known donor, sperm bank, frozen sperm, or an anonymous donor? What would be ideal for you? Would you want to self inseminate, have sexual relations with the donor, or have a doctor do it? If you would want a known donor would you want someone close to you? A gay couple you know? How would you and your partner decide?

Having a baby is a huge decision, but there is so much more to it than just saying, “Yes I want a baby.” You have to think about the donor, how are you going to get the single most important thing you need in order to become pregnant? Would you want you or  your girlfriend to do it the old fashion way or would you want to try together with the “man junk”? If your partner has a brother would you want to use his stuff in order to have a baby that is closely related to you and your mate?

This is a huge decision, and upon choosing a donor, health tests and screening should be done, don’t just go at it! Also, do as much research and possible, it would be good to know the basics before you try, especially if this baby is your first and you are committed to your lesbian lover. If you are just passing through Gay Town, then do what you want. It always seems a little easier for straight girls to get pregnant or get pregnant by accident, so it is a major decision and life-changing event to want to have a baby and you are lesbian. It is just the facts. Of course, I don’t discredit any woman for being mothers, but think about it. Lesbians do not have sperm available to them at all times no matter what.

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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