Is She the John Bender of the Lesbian World?

For those of you unaware of The Breakfast Club, John Bender (Judd Nelson) is the bad boy, the end all to any type of gentleman type. He

John Bender from The Breakfast Club.

 is the one who recieved about a million Saturdays’ worth of detention because of his mouth and his defiant ways. The relevance to this post…the bad girl types, are you or have you ever been attracted to bad girls? I’m talking nasty behavior, fighting authority, potty-mouth girls. Have you ever dated one? How did it work out? Did she ever calm her ways? Did she treat you like crap? How do you avoid those types? Do you make it a point to cross the street when you see a girl scantily clad because you just know that from the way she is dressed, walking, drinking in public that she is all wrong for you? Is there a line that is drawn that will put constrictions on how bad a girl can be in order for you to date her?

Bad girls can be appealing. Not only do they live on the edge, they have an attitude that shows their bad-assery. You feel like they can take care of you, even though their attitude might show that they may only take care of themselves. You feel like you are doing something bad and getting away with it. You feel used at the end of the day, but for some reason continue to go back, wait for their calls, check out all mediums (clubs, bars, on-line sites) to see if they have been on and why they haven’t contacted you yet. But why? How to these women get to run the show, and that is okay? What makes being with them appealing?

How do you avoid getting in this predicament? My advice would be to have will power. Know upon site and first little chat that they may not be your type. If you feel that they are too crude or hateful when you just ask them their sign, then maybe reevaluate the whole conversation and the whole future of the two of you. Do not jump in head first. You know what you like, and if you feel that this attitude could be a problem in a month from now then you need to turn and walk away. If you just want a one-night-stand, take head, you probably aren’t the first girl they threw around in the bedroom. You could become hooked by sleeping with her, so think very hard before making that decision. These girls are poisionous, they will get their hooks in and keep a hold of you without you ever knowing. So, stop the maddness before it begins. I believe in you, you can do this!

Mz. Pink


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