Open 9 to 5, and YOU get the rest of the night…

Do you believe in open relationships? Do you believe you should mix the cake mix, bake it, and eat it too? Is it a one-way street in this area, do you want your openness and you want your girl at home? How do you make the decision to have an open relationship?

Having an open relationship could mean more jealousy, less communication, less sex ETC. So, why would the decision be made to invite other girls into your life when you have a girl? It seems to me that a person would just be single and then mingle to their little heart’s content. Of course, that is my opinion. I am sure there are a whole mess of good reasons why a person would keep themselves open to other people sexually. Number one reason being that the person is selfish. Yeah I said it, and I meant it. Come on ladies, don’t talk about open relationships with your partners, just break up, or be with them…wholly. There should be no in between, you’re a smart woman you know what you want. Either you want to be out there having fun living the single life or you want to be with your girl.

Either way, be careful.  If you do want the single life, make sure you protect yourself. Just because you are a lesbian does not exclude you from STD’s or any other things you can pick up and catch. If you have mentioned this to your girl, be careful she might punch you in your sleep. If you haven’t mentioned it, but just thought about it. Keep your mouth shut, weigh out the pro’s and con’s and then make your decision.

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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