Taffeta, Crinoline and a Bride, Oh’ My!

Do you have a dream wedding? Have you had a dream about a princess wedding since you were little?

My Dream Wedding Dress!

 When you were little did you think you would be fighting for your right to get married? How do you imagine your wedding to be? Will you wear white, a dress, a tuxedo? Will it be a clichéd wedding or will it be far-fetched like the love you have with your woman? How will you incorporate both you and your girl? Do you think it would be more difficult to incorporate two women’s’ ideas versus a man and a woman’s, why?

I bet you might be thinking that you are not the marrying type or you think that you are, but it is something that is so far-fetched since you won’t get the same rights as a straight person. Well I tell you, it is still okay to plan and dream. I used to think I wasn’t the marrying type, I never really wanted to get married and start a family. Now my thoughts are a little different. My partner and I have discussed more so now, than ever (in my life) the possibility of marriage and a baby. Do you believe if you have a child with your partner that marriage will ultimately follow? Does marriage and kids go hand in hand?

Here are a couple of links to a few outrageous weddings that you may find funny!

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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