Keep your hands off my box!

Do you have a designated box or place for all ex stuff? What about when you go through a breakup and have to give all the stuff back that you had of hers, do you put it in a box, bag, toss it in the yard? There is something that is done, a process, when you get rid of a girlfriend (or she gets rid of you) where you have to give all the stuff of hers or get rid of everything that you two shared together. How do you do it?

Breakups are bad and not pleasant, but having things that sit around that remind you of her can cause a whole slew of problems. Not only will it make you angry or sad when you see it, but if you have a new girlfriend then you could possibly start fights since your ex’s stuff is still present in your life.

How do you declutter your life from past relationships? Do you start at a certain place then work from there? What is the extent of things you will get rid of that you shared together? If it came down to it would you rid yourself of a tub of butter she bought? Is there a cut-off of things you will keep or get rid of?

After you decide what to get rid of, do you give it back to your ex or do you toss it? How do you decide? If you have a horrible breakup versus a bad breakup will this determine the way you give the stuff back (or not)?

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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