The Tale of a Stalking Lesbian

If you have ever encountered an ex who has just went that extra mile to make your life miserable? Have they went above and beyond the crazy line, so much in fact that they never left you alone for a period of time? Have you ever had to change your phone number or move because a crazy ex kept interrupting your life?

That is what stalking is, an interruption. Actually it is a dangerous interruption. It can cause problems in every aspect of your life, your job, your personal life, your family life ETC. If you have an ex who stalks you then it is time to take action, because apparently she isn’t getting the picture when you tell her to get lost.

Stalking is unwanted, obsessive attention that is given by an individual. There are so many things that you can do to help the situation before it blows up out of control.  Stalking can rear its ugly head and turn from annoying behavior to something that could end your life. That is serious business. You need to protect yourself and the people around you that you love. Do not put it past an ex to do something to hurt you or the ones you love. Any and everyone is capable of hurting someone, especially if they feel strongly enough to break in, hack in, and interrupt your life whenever they feel like it.

If saying get lost doesn’t work, and you have changed your cell phone number, phone number, address, email address, all passwords and basically your entire life, and that still doesn’t work, then it is time to take legal action. Do not wait, get a restraining order. Granted those don’t always work either but it is a start. Make sure that when you get one that it is actually followed through. That is if they call or make any contact then you need to call the police. Call them as much as you need to in order to get your point across.

Don’t just sit around being annoyed, it’s not fair to you or anyone around you. And it is not a habit that you would ever want to get in to.

Mz. Pink

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