We Be Clubbin’

Do you and your girl go out often? Do you like straight bars or gay bars better? Does your girl always want to go to the gay bar and you always want to go just hang out at a straight bar? Do you believe that if you are partnered that you shouldn’t want to go out to gay bars?

Some partnerships are centered around going out, and some are centered around never going out. Could it be, if you don’t go out, that you or your girl do not want to run into the slew of exes and one-night-stands that have been conquered? Or could it be that once you get with a new person you just don’t want to go out anymore?

Whatever the case may be, going out every once in a while as a couple is nice and being able to go out alone as a partnered woman is also nice. There should be enough trust in the relationship to be able to accept the fact that you and/or your girl has had many experiences (as long as she is with you wholly now, right?)  and then having trust for your partner if she wants to go out with her friends should be present.

Regardless of who you are and the reasons why you don’t make a point to go out to the gay bars (or straight bars) going out every once in a while is necessary it is always fun, even if you’re not in the mood to go out, it always almost changes once you get there.

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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