The Horrors of a One-Night-Stand Gone Wrong.

Have you ever had a one-night-stand that has gone wrong? Have you ever just had the

Photo by: J Trav

 intentions of going out and picking up a girl for some one-night pleasure and ended up with more than you bargained for?

Let’s chat about what could happen if a one-night-stand goes wrong.

  1. The girl falls in love with you.
  2. The girl stalks you afterwards
  3. The girl is in a relationship with someone you know
  4. The girl is a second cousin or something random like that
  5. The girl has an STD
  6. The girl could be pregnant
  7. The girl could be a liquor lesbian
  8. The girl could be crazy
  9. You could fall in love and she only wanted a one-night-stand just like you
  10. The girl could be a prostitute and expect money after you finish the deed
  11. She could be bad in the sack
  12. She could never want to leave
  13. The girl could eat all the food in your house
  14. The girl could steal from you
  15. The girl may not have a car and need a ride home or have to stay the night

Granted some of these could be far-fetched, the point I am trying to make is that you could pick up more than a fun one-nighter. Just be safe and know what you are getting in to and when you’re on the prowl make your intentions known for the other person involved. If she is down for the fun that could follow she will be cool with it. You are not the only person who wants sex and you won’t be the only one who wants a one-night-stand-no strings-attached night of bliss.

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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