Your First Lesbian Experience, How’d That Go?

What was your first lesbian experience like? I am not talking about childhood kissing practice (unless you knew then that you were into girls), I am talking about the time when you knew you were enjoying yourself way more than you should with a girl. Was it awkward? Or was it just a natural thing that happened?

Did the experience change you at all? What is a case where you weren’t sure what you liked and you made the moves on a girl and then it was all (literally) down hill from there? Were you younger or older in life when the experience happened? Would you have done things differently knowing what you know now?

This is a fun topic and I am sure most of you are sitting there smiling about the first time you kissed a girl or went all the way, those memories are what encourage us to be what we are and what we do…lesbians who love women!

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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