I’d rather live in a cardboard box.

Photo from: CollegeJolt.com

Is money everything? Surely it couldn’t be seeing as how most of us don’t have any! But still some people just base everything they do in life on how much money they have, how much they can spend, and how much they do spend.

Although this is a sad way to live your life, money does have its place and is necessary. Actually it is very necessary. However, it is not the root of all happiness. Money can make some things easier but it does cause a lot of stress in relationships. It is kind of like a silent trouble maker. If you have it you and your partner fight, if you don’t you and your partner fight. The lack thereof, of money can cause issues. MAJOR issues.

I believe that love should conquer all. No it won’t pay your bills, but if you have the bills paid then that dvd shouldn’t be a must have. You two have other movies, make it a rerun night and be happy you still have a place to lay your head. I mean that is good right? You still have someone who loves you and is broke right next to you, instead of you doing the broke-as-a-joke life by yourself.

Of course, I cover both sides, at one point or another one or the both of you will not have money. But if the bare minimum is done and you still have basic needs, then having more than that would be nice but isn’t a necessity.

Please share your thoughts even though money and funds are a touchy subject.

Mz. Pink


  1. Actually most of us don’t have no money. If that were the case, we would be living in cardboard boxes(or worse). Most of us have money, but not as much as we’d like or as we think we need.

    Money isn’t good or evil. It’s just a method of exchange, so we don’t have to carry cows or wheat around with us.

    And it isn’t usually money that causes problems in relationships. More the lack of money. Or the things we believe about money. Or the dynamics between the folks in the relationship, expressed through the topic of money.

    A good relationship is about both of you caring as much for each others’ needs as your own.If you’re playing on the same team, money is not likely to cause problems between you.

    Money isn’t the problem. And when one sees it as the simple substitute for energy, as opposed to bad or corrupt, one finds that more money tends to come into your life…

    I wish you joy and prosperity


    1. Thank you for your imput, as I do agree that the lack of money causes the most stresses. And I also agree that most of us don’t have as much money as we would like (I should have worded that differently), but from experience it seems that if one or the other partner has a chunk of money then it also becomes stressful because one or the other person may end up paying for more because of the way their pay day lands. So, stresses are caused from sufficient amounts of money (enough to survive) and lack of money (not always but sometimes).

      However, you’re right that a good relationships is a team and money should not be an issue, but sometimes it is or at least the stress is there (sometimes).

      Thank you again for your comments and keep reading!

      Mz. Pink

  2. One partner having more money than the other isn’t a problem about too much or not enough money. It’s about what one believes about more or less money.

    If two partners contribute to the communal fund inequally because one makes a bigger salary than the other, this can still be fine if you both believe you’re making an equal effort, although the numbers are different

    And that can work fine( trust me- I know)

    The problem is when the person with more resents the person with less.Or tries to control her. Or the person with less resents the person with more or tries to use her.

    And these are not problems with money. They’re problems with dominance, control, obligation, self-esteem, but not the actual green stuff.

    They’re problems with beliefs. And once you get that, you can fix it together


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