You think you’re taking that? PFFFT!

Breakups are hard, no matter how civil you try to be it never makes a difference. I don’t think there has ever been a time that breaking up with someone was fun, a learning experience maybe, but never fun…for either party. What is even worse is the fact that, after a while of being in a committed relationship you start to build a life with your partner, not realizing or even thinking about what will happen when things go sour.

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In my defense, material things are just that, but people like their things, I know I do. On that note, what happens when you buy things together and you are set that the dvd player or flat screen is yours, but your partner thinks it’s hers and you two break up? Who gets what? How do you decide? Will you keep the dvd player and she gets the flat screen? Having things when you get into a relationship is one thing, of course that is yours, but the furniture and the other stuff you got together, well that is a little tougher than just yours and hers.

I should have learned from experience about keeping receipts but you just don’t think that way in a relationship. When your with a person you are with them , and you don’t go into it thinking, “well don’t cross the taped line on the floor because my stuff is over here and yours is over there.” But then the dreaded end comes and there is stuff on the taped line, and stuff you want and your girlfriend wants, so the breakup gets even uglier.

My best advice is to just do without what you can do without. Instead of this long drawn out process of keeping in touch to visit your big screen, just take the little bulky TV and go! If you are serious about being apart then you can start over again. Someone has to! I don’t know if it is written anywhere but one or the both of you will lose something from the life you built together. I know it sucks, but like I wrote earlier, if you know in your heart that the breakup is really the end of the relationship, take your stuff and whatever else you can, but if your girlfriend (or ex rather) is set on keep the couch, well stop and think, “is it worth the possible fight and breaking the stuff I do have over this couch?” If the answer is no then move on and use blow-up furniture until you can get another one, if the answer is yes, then take her to small claims’ court.

Mz. Pink


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