You have short hair you must be gay.

Don’t you hate it when you tell people you’re lesbian and they say, “I would have never guessed, you don’t look like a lesbian.” I know I do, like there is a certain look for lesbians.  I guess since I am lesbian I must have a mullet and drive a truck, not that any of those things are wrong just stereotypical. I just find it amusing and annoying all at the same time that because I have short hair or if I didn’t that I have to look like a certain type of person. Yeah I am girly, but I have my masculine days and then I have my off days, ETC. I am different everyday as I am sure most people are.

The point is looking a certain way should never define who you are as a person or who you are in this world. Okay so I have short hair and I am a lesbian but that doesn’t mean that, that is all I am. I am a girlfriend (a damn good one), I am a sister, a daughter, an auntie, a best friend. I am so many other things than just a lesbian. I love who I love and regardless if I have short hair, long hair, wear overalls, get a mullet, drive a truck, paint my nails or WHATEVER, that is never going to change.

This post was somewhat of a rant because you can be a stud muffin and have girly days and vice versa.  Have you ever been mistaken for a man or boy? Do people make assumptions because of the clothes you wear or your style? What do you think when you see people who fit stereotypes? How do you react to those mistakes and stereotypes?

Mz. Pink


  1. I got my hair cut into a mohawk because I LOVE the style and I needed a change from my annoying fro, and my best friend in the midst of trying to understand my being a dyke accused me of trying to look like one. It really, and probably groundlessly, pissed me off because I hate this whole “lesbians have to look like lesbians” concept. I will concede that it is rather difficult to know if your not flirting with a straight girl unless there is some physical attribute that screams gay. But on a sidenote I absolutely love girlies with short hair eg. Kaki King. She’s a cutie 🙂

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