The Femme’s Guide to Absolutely Everything!

When I search for Lesbian blogs and sites to share with you, my readers, I come across a lot of porn, a lot of dating sites and then there are the little treasures that are sprinkled here and there. Here is another one: The Femme’s Guide to Absolutely Everything! 

Written by Femmes for All

Welcome to The Femmes Guide, a sex-positive femme queer collaborative blog!The PurposeThe Femmes Guide is a sex-positive femme queer collaborative blog meant to be a fun, enjoyable, educational, and sometimes snarky look at femmeininity and femme culture. We aim to create a resource for the online femme community, where femmes can gain helpful information about navigating in this world as a femme, learn about the way others view their femme identity, and come to a greater understanding of their own femme identity. Perhaps this is a big goal to have.One theme and purpose of having multiple writers for a blog such as this is to emphasize the diversity within the femme label. No two femmes are exactly alike, and all of our experiences are different. There are femmes in heels and dresses and femmes in blue denim and leather jackets, and everywhere in between and beyond! Femme is more than what you wear, it’s a feeling as well as a chosen label.We do not believe that we know more than others, but we as individuals all have unique experiences and outlooks in this world. Each one of us can learn from the others in order to discover out our own ways of navigating within this broad category of femme and, further, within culture and society at large. Because no two people’s experiences are identical we value the viewpoints and expressions of everyone, including you! If you want to check out the Femme’s Guide, which I know you do, click here! 

Mz. Pink

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