Let’s Play House, and I’ll be The Daddy.

Some women have waited to come out in their older age, not necessarily mid-life but older than their childhoods. When did you come

Best Friends at the Beach by Teresa Hanafin

 out? When did you know you were lesbian? When you were young did you do stuff with a bestie and not think anything of it? Or did it affect you in your sexuality? When did you realize you were into the ladies?

Some people know right away that boys are gross and they really love their best friend, or things that were said in our young age that was put off as just saying something like, “Wow she is amazing,” or “She is really good-looking,” but in reality it was meant as damn she is fine! Sometimes it is easier to come out younger to get it out-of-the-way and to not be stuck in a situation that will make things harder for us to move forward with our lesbianism, like kids or marrying a man.

What is your first experience with a girl? Was it when you were younger? Did you practice kissing with your best friend? I know I did, I was super girly but I still played the daddy. I didn’t think anything of it, I wanted to be in charge even at a young age. Don’t get me wrong, when I played Barbie’s’, which I did, I did the whole girl-thing, but my Barbie’s’ had experiments too!

Mz. Pink


  1. Reading this article really got me reflecting, as someone who’s just in the last 3 months figured out she’s gay. The first time I made out with a girl was technically in kindergarten. Me and my brother had a baby-sitter named Anna and we went to her house every day of the week. Sometimes this other girl came to be babysat as well, and when she did we frenched behind the recliner Anna’s husband sat in while everyone else watched old Jackie Chan movies. In grade one and until grade three I would play house with girl friends and I alwayyysss wanted to be the husband. In grade three I used to play this game with my (present) friend Raechelle called schoo-elle. We would pretend to be in school on her bed and then jump straight to being at either my or her house. I don’t know if there was a role we were both assigned, but I do remember making out ALOT and once I started untying her halter when her mum walked in. She was topping me and I remember there was a really shite escuse for it that had something to do with us trying to open a kinder surprise. Two other thrilling encounters with Rae were in her basement. We made a fort between the two couches her parents sat in and as “we” all watched a movie, me and her were rolling around making out under it. The other one which I remember I could not stop thinking about at the time included another girl. All three of us were hanging out and the whole time I was hinting to Rae “Why the fuck does she have to be here? Can’t she just go?!” At some point she said “Guys, I’m just gonna go to the bathroom okay?” And when she did I sat down against the wall and Raechelle sat on my lap and we just went crazy for about a minute and a half. Sadly, she one day told me off for trying to kiss her, and the magic was gone.
    What’s funny about this is that I realize now that I’ve kissed way more girls in my life than guys. There were a couple more along the way, but I never connected the dots that that could mean I was a lesbian. Somehow I think bringing up those raunchy trysts with a now very clearly hetero Raechelle would be a beyond terrible idea 🙂

    1. Those situations do make you think don’t they? I know when I was young it was always you be Jordan and I will be Joey (from the New Kids On The Block) and my best friend and I would go at it, grinding and kissing. Afterwards, yes we switched off being the boy but we knew we were girls doing that. I don’t know, but I liked it, and it started to make so much sense when I started high school and started having those flings knowing then that there was a name for it. I know that experimenting when your little happens, but I never once thought of doing those experiements with a boy. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

      By the way thank you for your imput and good luck on your adventures in gay-land, it is a happy place (most of the time).

      Mz. Pink

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