Your email was so romantic, I love you!

Have you ever met someone on-line? Have you submitted a profile to an on-line dating site? Have you ever had a relationship solely via email and internet?

As we know from commercials such as and others, there is a new fad brewing that involves finding your soul mate via the internet. I also know that any site you visit has some sort of ad sharing that if you want to find a good time, your last love, your first love, or just a fling encounter please CLICK HERE! I am here to tell you that internet is only fun for maybe a little chatting but not attempting to find your true love. Not only are there too many scams out there, there are predators that are not just after children, they are after men and women, to rape, molest, or possibly worse to anyone who will chat with them and then meet them somewhere!

Okay, okay, not all people on the internet are like that, but why risk it? Not only could you be talking to somebody who is completely misleading you but you could be chatting with a complete psycho , granted she may be pretty and looks exactly like the pictures she has sent, but when it gets down to the wire she may be a B.I.T.C.H! And who wants to deal with that?

On the other hand, as I always try to explore all sides of a situation, this internet dating could be just what you need. If you’re too busy to actually date, jumping on a chat line or dating site might just be the way to go to have a little conversation and cyber fun (wink, wink). As, long as you don’t take it too seriously and just take it for what it is, then I think you will be okay. IF you do decide that you want to actually date and meet someone, please do it in a public place, get to know that person (remember the love resume?) ask for one. The sweetest girl may be a killer, you can just never tell!

Mz. Pink


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