Grow up already!


Do you or your partner act like you’re younger than you really are? Does your partner do things that are weird because of their age? How does your partner act around other people? Will they pick their nose, or do other childish things because they thing it’s funny? Does it get on your nerves? How do you react to these actions? Do you try to tell your partner they are immature and childish and shouldn’t act that way at their age?

Being with someone who is whimsical and carefree is one thing but when they push that act to the limit of inhibition and childishness then it becomes a problem. Where do you draw the line? How do you draw the line? Can you draw a line? Maybe it was nice in the beginning to be with someone who didn’t care how they acted, but now that you have been with that person for a while it has become sort of a problem. If your partner doesn’t care about taking care of theirselves, the home, kids, pets, WHATEVER, because they are too busy acting like a child, how do you fix it? How can you say something without them throwing a fit?

We all want a fun partner who can joke and laugh, but when it starts to interfere with everyday living because all they want to do is play video games or watch cartoons then it is a larger problem at hand! I suggest you be the adult (as usual) tell your partner to knock it off or go. You can do bad all by yourself, you don’t need to take care of your partner because they don’t want to, it is different if you come to a crossroad and they lose a job or something uncontrollable, but when they are fully capable and choose not to do anything, that is a line that should never be crossed! Don’t put up with it! Try to solve the problem if that doesn’t work then break it off, it will get harder because you are basically being an enabler and allowing this person to mooch off of you and take advantage of your work ethic. NO WAY! It’s not worth it!

Good luck!

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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