“You’re Not My Daddy.”

If you are a lesbian and you have kids what do they call you? How do they identify you and the other mother? Do you want them to call you a nickname? Or is it just plain old “mom” and “mama?”  How would you want your kids to identify you and your partner? This could be a touchy subject especially if you are not the one giving birth. It seems that there is a rite of passage when a woman pushes a baby out and that could make her feel entitled to be the “mom” and not the “mommy” or “mama.” Maybe she wants to be called “mom.” But seeing as how you two are having the baby together that gives you rights to be called what you want to be called, right?

By now we know that Sarah has two mommies and that jake has two daddies, but would it be confusing for the child to call both of you mom? Would it be confusing for you and your partner as well? Unless you are a transgender I am sure you do not want to be called daddy because you are a woman who identifies as a woman and not a woman who identifies as a man, but what other names are there? How do you distinguish, and how do you and your partner make that decision?

Share your thoughts!

Mz. Pink

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