Card Carrying Lesbian, What’s in Your Wallet? Fabulous Site!

Card Carrying Lesbian is awesome, it seems to have a little bit of everything dealing with lesbians wrapped up into one tiny site! There are topical areas, featured, videos and MORE. The graphics are cute and the posts are interesting, so I got to give a shout out for an awesome blog and amazing writing skills!

No I wouldn’t like to provide for my wife, thank you!

Card Carrying Lesbian, What's In Your Wallet?

Posted on 29. May, 2010 by K.

Written by Guest Butch, KI so very very very frustrated with many things. Let’s talk about healthcare for one. I started a second job at Frisch’s a few weeks ago, and today I happened upon a pamphlet brochure thingy (yes that’s the technical term) for insurance. Now neither J nor I have insurance because it is sssooooooo expensive. And I don’t really get sick anyway but I do wear contacts and my teeth could use a few root canals. So I’m looking through this paper that says they have discount plans that cover your household.

 Well I’ll be damned! I thought maybe I would have a chance to cover both of us at a reasonable price. So I texted a manager and friend of mine to ask him. He says that would cover my husband and my children. Pfft! What husband!? I’m the butch! Or as I jokingly say “husbawife.” So I took the number anyway hoping for maybe a loophole. Maybe I’ll find one maybe I won’t.

To read more click here to visit Card Carrying Lesbian and find out What’s In Your Wallet.

Mz. Pink

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