Show me your kitty, not those puppies!

Animals are a major part of our lives, especially if we have and care for them. Have you ever started raising a puppy or a kitten or anything with a partner? Or for by yourself for that matter? Well then you know the bond that can be built with an animal, and the ties that can be severed if you and your partner decide to be apart. Basically animals are like furry kids. And they can cause love in a relationship and they can cause heartache especially if the decision to build separate lives between you and your partner is made. Who gets what and who gets the animals? Surely, you both believe they are yours and that you love them the most, so how do you make that decision. There isn’t an animal custody court, at least not that I am aware of. And at a certain point in the relationship all decision-making abilities are out the window.

This is a rough decision and will affect everyone involved. Because of the bond we build we our animals what should happen next? How do you deal with the possibility of losing one of your babies? Do you try custody? You get Snappy every other weekend? Or you share Dot with your ex? How do you decide? Could you decide? How can you make the decision less emotional?

Here are a few links that I found that could possibly assist in this huge decision:


Breakups are not easy in the first place, but making life-changing decisions during can be more stressful than just the breakup. The most important thing to remember is to try to be as clear-headed as possible. And keep the animals needs ahead of your own, no matter how hard that may seem, you know what your animals like and you know what is best for them, they do tell you in so many ways.

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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