You’re Mom! You are a Mom! Yo Mama…

I recently bought this book called The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians by Rachel Pepper, because a baby could be in my partner and my future. I am really looking into the in’s and out’s of pregnancy because I have never been the one to want a baby or even feel at all motherly. It got me thinking, if all women feel the motherly instinct or does it come after the baby? What if it never comes? How do you know that things will change internally after you have a baby? Is there a certain age that a woman should have a baby? Would you ever consider having a baby with your partner?

Pepper makes some really good points about relationships as far as having children go. She basically writes that having a baby for the wrong reasons will make the whole process unpleasant and unfair to all involved. She gives advice on how to prepare and what signs to look for if you’re ready to have a baby. She says that nobody should have a baby to fix a relationship. She also talks about getting your life and priorities straight (no pun intended). She advises to eliminate debt and to have a savings, to square things away at work ETC. She also writes about getting pregnant and what to do when you are pregnant and then after pregnancy. She is very thorough with her topics and it actually does help to at least plan on planning.

However, as far as I know I am still ready the book, she doesn’t really talk about a mother gene or the motherly instinct. Do all women have it? I guess if you worry about it something is there, right?

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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