The Biz-nezz

Taking care of your yoohoo is important. That is the root of life. So making sure it’s tip-top for yourself (and your partner) is a huge deal. So, in case you’re wondering what I mean by taking care of your yoohoo, I mean making sure you clean yourself, go to the doctor, and just generally take care of your body.

Cleaning is a major part of keeping your yoohoo safe from bacteria and bacterial infections. It is so warm down there that germs just flock to that area so you want to keep it clean. When you go out make sure to “birds nest” the toilet seat and to wash your hands really well. Also, when necessary trim up and douche. Only if you feel it is necessary and when and if you do douche, do not do it excessively. It is better to let your body clean itself naturally. Another thing, make sure to not wear tampons for more that 6-8 hours, to avoid toxic shock syndrome. Besides that, it helps flush your body out naturally if you’re not always plugged up.

Going to the doctor is another way to make sure you are staying tip-top down there. Visiting your gynecologist is the best way to make sure nothing is growing inside your yoohoo. They can tell if you have certain STD’s, if your pregnant, or if you have any cancerous cells down there. It is important to make sure that everything stays intact and functional and your gyno is just the person for that. No worries, the actual visit doesn’t take long and it is only moderately uncomfortable.

Just taking care of yourself in general will keep your yoohoo safe. Washing your hands before touching yourself, wiping properly, changing underwear (especially thongs), not sticking foreign objects up there, not taking too large of toys ETC. are just a few things you can keep in mind in order to keep the bizz-nezz large and in charge.

All this may seem obvious but I just wanted to give you a heads up!

Mz. Pink

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