Recycling turns into compost, literally crap!

Have you ever said the same thing to your current girlfriend that you have said in past relationships? Is it natural to do that? How do you put a twist on things you say to your current girlfriend? I know there are so many ways to say one thing, but this is where things can get a little sticky, especially if ex-paraphernalia is found. Of course, you know when you really love someone and you know when you’re with the right person, but getting there takes some trial and error.

How do you avoid the recycled words? It’s going to happen, and your current girlfriend will definitely know, but how do you lighten the blow? How do you show your girlfriend now that you care and want to be with her, even if you wanted to share time with a past girlfriend? It is confusing, but it should be something to think about. Trust me when I tell you that the uniqueness of the relationship is not enough, EVERYTHING needs to be unique. Not just a new person in your relationship file, but a new you, a new repertoire, a new attitude. I feel that if you have that, then you should share that with your girlfriend, let her know how she makes you feel. Keeping communication open better than you ever have will definitely show her that this is the real deal.

Mz. Pink

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