Hey Good Looking, What You Got Cooking?

Do you cook? Who does the cooking in your relationship? How do you decide? I know it is a tough decision to make on what to have for dinner and who is going to cook. I also know that cooking takes up a lot of time, with all the planning and the shopping then the cooking. Do you and your girl every cook together? Would that be something romantic the two of you could do together?

Don’t take the easy route and go out, that takes time and money, cooking at home is more personal and will ultimately give you more quality time together. Try it sometime, cook together, then eat together, then wait till tomorrow to clean up :). Try it and see how much more romantic it is than just hitting the drive thru.

And if you want, make it a little more saucy and cook in something sexy! There are always sexy spins you can put on things to keep the element of surprise in your relationship.

Happy cooking!

Mz. Pink

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