Check Out The Lesbian Mafia…It Does Exist!

The Lesbian Mafia does exist and they have a very well designed and established site AND podcast, check them out!

Women’s Orgs Really Care

Stop the presses, ”women’s” orgs suddenly care about women in the political spotlight and don’t want you or anyone to ask if Kagan, Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, is gay. And they’re screaming sexism and invoking Clinton and Palin if you do.

First off, it’s not sexist to want to know if a public official is gay. What a bizarro concoction. Second, I couldn’t care less if Kagan is gay, or anything else about this absurd media show. These tokens do not speak for regular every day people. That said, I find it hilarious that all of a sudden women’s orgs care about how people are treating women politically. Of course it’s only when it’s women they like that they give a shit about “sexism.” These orgs and feminists didn’t open their traps once to mutter two words about the public lashing Clinton was getting, and encouraged everyone, women and so-called feminists alike to hurl sexism and misogyny at Palin. As first lady, Michelle can blip herself on and off the radar before they really lay into her, and lay into her they would…if she talked too much. Attacking people on policy and hating them is one thing, perpetuating misogyny is another. Many women’s orgs have already set the bar as low as it is on what is acceptable for Americans to do to women in the political sphere. I’ve seen the gay & lesbian community and “feminists” treat rapists with less theatrical vitriol than they do Clinton and Palin. Frankly, I can’t relate. While I most likely wouldn’t vote for either, those people never did speak for all feminists or lesbians, and they certainly don’t now.

Check out The Lesbian Mafia here.

Mz. Pink


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