That’s so Gay.

I just think those “Gay” commercials are funny, I like them, they send a good message but they are pretty funny. It just goes to show that being gay is more mainstream than we think. Maybe mainstream isn’t the word I am looking for, maybe popular is more like it. Yes, that sounds good, being gay has become a way to be more popular, at least for some people. Don’t you think so?

I am talking about the liquor lesbians, the girls who please their boyfriends, those people who want attention ETC. They are the people who think being a lesbian is popular. Those are the girls who do it for that reason. They really take being gay to a different level. It angers me because when you are genuinely attracted to the same-sex and have love for the same-sex, we can be looked at like it is just a phase not our lives.

What do you think? How do people show you that they are accepting and could possibly try it for fun just because you’re gay? I know we have all been there, whether it be at a  bar or grocery store, you tell someone you’re lesbian then they immediately go into a story where they tried it once or they have kissed girls or whatever.

Is being gay a popularity contest? Share your thoughts with me.

Mz. Pink

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