Lez Get Real: A Gay Girl’s View on The World, Great Site!

I always enjoy finding good, hardy lesbian sites, books, ETC. Here is a site that is a must visit. Lez Get Real doesn’t focus on one lesbian’s thoughts or creation, it shows that there is more out there than The L Word. It is a fun site with a plethora of information, fun stuff and everything in between. Here is a snippet from their site.

Lez Get Real is a blog with “A Gay Girl’s View on the World”.

To check out more Lez Get Real click here!

Mz. Pink

We are real lesbians from around the world who aim to provide hard hitting commentary on

Lez Get Real

 politics, issues, and events that affect the LGBT community. We also showcase entertainment, world news, sex advice, gossip, fashion posts and more. You’ll find a variety of lesbian bloggers who add their voices to our site. Our site is updated regularly, so feel free to drop by and see what’s new anytime. We hope that lesbians from all over the world enjoy our website, and everyone else too! This includes those that are gay, bi, trans, queer, asexual, or anyone else along the spectrum. Heteros are also welcome! We feel that everyone can benefit from our “Gay Girl’s View of the World”.

All opinions and questions welcome!

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