Living in a material world.

How much does money run your life? If you didn’t have money would you still be with your partner? What if you don’t have money, does that affect your relationship? How? Are you able to provide for you and your girl? If not, how do you make ends meet?

I know that for a lot of people money is tight, and not because of the economic crunch, but just because money has always been tight. I also know that if anything makes couples fight more it’s money. It just causes endless amounts of stress, and it seems like when you have no money you have everything to pay for: bills, tickets, groceries, more bills, car issues ETC. When it rains it pours, when it comes to finances. Even if you budget, things happen, and another fight can occur. How do you deal with the financial arguments? Do the arguments sprout in to bigger arguments? How do you try to prevent these type of arguments from happening?

Whether you have money or not, it is still nice to have, and nice to be able to spend money on yourself and your girl. If the tables are turned, do you wish your girl would get you more? Is the saying, “It’s not my money, it’s our money” apply to you? Do you say that with every girlfriend? When would you not say that?

Just a few things to ponder, and thinking is free sooo….

Mz. Pink

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