Ex Paraphernalia, Keep it or Toss it?

Do you have pictures, letters, gifts ETC. from an ex-relationship? Do you want to keep them? Why? Does keeping these things cause arguments? Do you get jealous if your girl has ex-paraphernalia? If she doesn’t keep it out does it still bother you? How do you deal with you or your partner’s ex-paraphernalia? Should you ever throw that stuff away? Would you ever expect your partner to throw her stuff her way?

We have all been there, going through our stuff with our partner and came across a picture or something that was a part of our past and it makes the situation uncomfortable and the air thick, and you are at a loss for words because you know what is coming…an argument. Let’s just say that you have already shared your past with your current girl, and then this stuff pops up, and your girl wants to know why you still have it if your past was so bad or if you had such a bad time with that person. What do you do? Would you get rid of it because the thought of that person does make you sick? Or would you want to keep it because it is a part of your past and your girl needs to get over it?

This is a toughy, because the relationship you’re in should be solid enough to where you both can have things from your past and as long as they are not flaunted then it is what it is. However, if you and your girl make it a point to constantly argue about your past then maybe a storage for your stuff is necessary or a possible break-up. You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t trust you and is constantly throwing your past in your face. That isn’t fair, to either one of you.

I say keep it if you want to and toss it if you want to, and if your girl has the stuff then don’t worry about it, PASTS are pasts for a reason, EXES are exes for a reason and keep it at that. Stuff is stuff and if you are happy with what you have then you shouldn’t compromise that by arguing about stupid stuff and if it is worth arguing over then break up.

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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