Chivalry is undead. writes that chivalry is:

1. The medieval system, principles, and customs of knighthood.
a. The qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women.
b. A manifestation of any of these qualities.
2. A group of knights or gallant gentlemen.

And the word history (just for fun) is:

WORD HISTORY The Age of Chivalry was also the age of the horse. Bedecked in elaborate armor and other trappings, horses were certainly well dressed, although they might have wished for lighter loads. That the horse should be featured so prominently during the Age of Chivalry is etymologically appropriate, because chivalry goes back to the Latin word caballus, “horse, especially a riding horse or packhorse.” Borrowed from French, as were so many other important words having to do with medieval English culture, the English word chivalry is first recorded in works composed around the beginning of the 14th century and is found in several senses, including “a body of armored mounted warriors serving a lord” and “knighthood as a ceremonially conferred rank in the social system.” Our modern sense, “the medieval system of knighthood,” could not exist until the passage of several centuries had allowed the perspective for such a conceptualization, with this sense being recorded first in 1765.

Do you consider yourself chivalrous? How do you go that extra mile to make your girl feel special? Do you consider yourself a romantic? Is romance and chivalry the same?

I think alot about this because I wonder if things are just what they are. I wonder if people go out of their way to make an impression throughout their relationship versus just the beginning of their relationship. It’s all sparks in the beginning, but why not years later, or months later? Is it too much to ask to pick a flower or plan a movie night with your girl? Believe it or not those are just a couple little things you can do to prove to your girl that you are still interested.

I know chivalry is a two-way street, but maybe you have to take the first step in making it happen for both you and your girl. I just don’t think it is too much work to (every once and a while) show your girl what she means to you. I think you will get the satisfaction of knowing what a knight-in-shining-armour you are and how much your girl will appreciate it, even the little things like a candy bar or her favorite bag of chips, or cooking her favorite dinner or….well you get the picture!

Mz. Pink


All opinions and questions welcome!

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