Did you eat your bowl of bitch this morning?

We have all been there, PMS is non-judgemental and un-biased, it happens to us all, and I don’t know about you but it gets worse the older I get. I cry, I laugh, I get pissed off, I start arguments, I do it all! My girl isn’t the innocent bystander either, our cycles are pretty much synced at this point, so she is a bitch right along with me. Although, if you ask her she doesn’t get PMS.

Regardless if you think you get it or not, there is some sort of moodiness associated with your time of the month, because of the hormones that are going crazy in our bodies. It just happens. So, how do you handle it? Is your girl understanding? Or even better, are you understanding when your girl is going through PMS? Or does PMS always turn into something else, a bigger argument maybe?

Whether you’re the toughest person or not, you get in foul moods, and how you handle those moods could determine the outcome of your day. I know it is hard to think about but knowing that would you maybe try to snap out of the mood to make your day better?

The only advice I can give it to try to smile and skip that bowl of bitch in the morning.

Mz. Pink


All opinions and questions welcome!

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