In Sickness and In Health.

Have you ever had a partner who has gotten sick or contracted some sort of illness? How did that effect your relationship? How did that effect you? What was your partner’s reaction to her illness? Have you ever been sick and had to have support from your partner?

This is a great topic because it can cause a great deal of stress in a relationship if one or the other of you get sick. I am not talking flu or colds, although that could be unpleasant too. I am talking about a more serious illness. Either way, having a sick partner can be stressful because of the care you have to give that person in order to make them feel better. Making them feel better isn’t the only thing you would have to do, by all means. You would have to ease them and sometimes administer meds or a plethora of other things in order to keep them stable. Would you be willing to do that with your partner?

Even if you’re not married would you still take that extra step to help your partner? Would it matter if you were just with this girl for a few months or a few years? The length of the relationship could determine what you’re willing to go through in order to keep your own sanity. But what is that time frame?

Would the illness depend on your sticking around and assisting in the health of your girl? Let’s say your girlfriend had Cancer, would that be better or worse than diabetes? There are many things that would determine what would make things better for you in order to be a care-giver. Care giving is a full-time job but what would make your partner worth it? What if you have to work a job-job and take care of your girl?

Tell me your thoughts.

Mz. Pink

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