Love resume, what’s your love history?

If you had to make a resume for every person you started dating, what would be on it?

By: Emilie Ogez

 Would you include all of your past history or would you leave stuff out? What would your skills be? What about your love objective? Would you show your true self in the resume?

I know it’s a funny topic but think about it, what if you had to do this for every relationship just like you do for jobs? Do you think it would go over well? Did you know that with a professional resume you are supposed to include an objective that is specific for the job, not what you want to do or accomplish? Does that change things a little bit? Like with a job, you know the position but do you really know what the girl wants that you are wanting to date? Could you write an effective objective specific for her?

What about past relationships would you include those by date and then the skills you accumulated throughout the relationship? That would get a little awkward huh? Not that you wouldn’t eventually share it but to have it all up front right in the beginning that could change the outcome of your dating scheme or future relationship.

Personally, I think it’s a good idea, had I had a real resume for my exes that would have definitely changed things.  I would have conducted a background check too, and just for kicks a crazy check too.

Mz. Pink

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